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March 11th, 2018


I have come to hate the term “status quo”! (Confession: I always told my kids to not use the word “hate” because it’s an angry word. But I am using it here anyway LOL!) I hate the term STATUS QUO because there is no such thing, and trying to preserve it has a negative impact!!!  We often hide behind “preserving the status quo”!

Let me explain.

When we say that we are maintaining or preserving the status quo, it means, according to Merriam-Webster, that we are maintaining the existing state of affairs. But let me ask you this: Does your state of affairs stay the same? Do your relationships stay the same or do they change over time? Do your abilities change? Does your understanding of circumstances change?

EVERYTHING is changing. There is NO stasis – scientists will tell you that. One of the key laws of the universe is that we either create or disintegrate. So we are either creating and growing, or disintegrating and dying. There is no stasis – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

There is no stasis!

So if you are just willing to maintain the status quo in your life, what side of the law do you think you are falling on? If you are not growing, which just means being open to exploring the new, then you are disintegrating. Is that what you want?

If you are not open to letting your spiritual perfection (for our spiritual core is perfect in each and every one of us) come to the surface, then you are spiritually disintegrating. Is that what you want?

If you are not willing to THINK, using those most powerful mental faculties of yours (and yours are extremely powerful – they may be weak but they are powerful if exercised), then intellectually you are disintegrating. Is that what you want?

If you are not opening up emotionally, and letting feelings such as excitement, hope, inspiration, love, happiness and passion drive you, then you are emotionally disintegrating, because doubts, worries, fears, pessimism and negative emotion all add to a downward spiral, resulting in a state of dis-ease. Is that what you want?

If physically you are not exercising in some form or fashion, then yes you are physically disintegrating. Is that what you want?

You get the idea.

This is not a bad news story at all – we can all choose to create and grow. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, but you do need to commit to yourself. And it’s so worth it!! Why? Because we all want to be more, do more, have more. That is the condition of the human spirit. SO when you are allowing yourself to grow, to create – you are congruent with your innate desire and condition.

So why don’t people just automatically embrace growth and self-creation?

Because you could say that another name for maintaining the status quo is staying in your comfort zone. Ahhhh that place where we feel comfortable (not necessarily good but still comfortable), unfettered, uncomplicated, unchallenged, not worried or afraid or doubtful. We are comfortable in our comfort zones!

BUT in staying in your comfort zone, you are also not growing, not achieving, not embracing the staggering potential and talent that lies within you, not enjoying the wonderful feelings of exuberance, joy, elation, delight, not reaching the heights of success that you are FULLY CAPABLE OF!! You are in fact falling behind. By maintaining your so-called status quo, you are allowing yourself to slowly disintegrate.

Is that what you want?

I think not! Choose to grow, to create, to learn to bring more and more of your magnificence to the table. Decide now that it is no longer acceptable to be anything less than you are, and YOU ARE SO MUCH! And oh my, what a life you will lead!

And you definitely don’t need to do it alone. We’re in this together. Join the community of us growing into our potential together, of bucking the status quo!!





March 5th, 2018


Have you done a lot of Personal Development training and studying, bought the programs, read the books – and still aren’t getting the success you really desire? Are you tired, and I mean discouraged, of trying to figure it out on your own?

STOP!! Don’t try to do it alone!!

Do you know what?  No one has ever achieved any real measure of success all on their own. We can’t do it all on our own – we all have blind spots, we need perspective, and sometimes a kick in the ass!

Isn’t that GREAT NEWS?!?!

You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I am so pumped and excited!!  I am creating a community – a growing number of us are joining together on a very powerful journey to take back control of our lives, to control our circumstances, to control our results, to control our destinies. BECAUSE WE CAN!


Everyone wants to BE MORE, DO MORE and HAVE MORE! And we are ALL capable of that. So, let’s figure it out together. Let’s not leave anyone behind!!  There is too much goodness out there for all of us, AND WE ARE SO WORTHY!!

Are you ready to make a decision to take control? Are you tired of chasing success? You no longer have to chase it – you can CREATE it! You have within you RIGHT NOW all the power, all the resources you need to create and achieve your own desired successes, your own extraordinary life circumstances.

But sometimes it’s hard to figure it out on our own, or if we do figure it out, sometimes it’s hard to persist and keep at it.


Are you catching on? Are you ready to Catch The Wave?

Or are you plagued with thoughts of “I can’t right now because …”, “I don’t have what it takes”, “I don’t know if I can…” or “How could I do that?”

Those are your excuses, and your excuses are your paradigms – your subconscious wiring. And that wiring (or programming) OWNS you. But you have a choice. You can take control. Your future is at the moment hinged to your current programming. But you don’t have to let it!

Do any of these situations resonate with you: “I keep having prospects cancel.” I am working so hard and yet my bank account doesn’t reflect that!”, “I need to take on another job just for now to help make ends meet”, “When does this get easier?” It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter, and it’s about doing the right things that serve you towards achieving the success you desire.

Most people don’t realize that. Simple concept, not so simple to figure out how. But it’s a heck of a lot easier when we do this together.

In his terrific book entitled You2, Price Pritchett writes that “the tendency when things aren’t working as well as they should be is to go back to the basics and “do what you do best.” But doing what you do best can be the worst thing you could do. It really doesn’t matter how well you can do something if it’s the wrong thing to do!” That’s when the powerful benefits of doing this together really take hold!

You have the power to break out, to try something different, to abandon the status quo and create your own destinies.

You can!  Do it!  It’s so worth it!


Bob Proctor says that when a person refuses to accept responsibility for their life, they reject their uniqueness and they turn all of their power over to other people. They are no longer in control of their future.

DON’T DO THAT!!  You must make a decision, a COMMITTED decision to Go For It!

I implore you – don’t miss the wave, especially when you have everything you need right now to go for it, to go for the results you would truly love to see in your life.

Join us on this journey to take control of our destinies, to live a rich and fulfilling life, to boldly go where you haven’t been before.

We’re doing it together. Because we can! And we should!




Me? Get a Coach? Why?

April 10th, 2017

Why do you need a coach/mentor?

We all have blind spots would you agree? Then it follows, if we are BLIND to them, we need someone else to point them out.

If you have studied success at all, you know that all highly successful people have coaches or mentors – they don’t want to be BLINDSIDED by something they are not aware of and a coach keeps them on point and aware. And success is a SYSTEM – it doesn’t happen by luck or by fluke – it is a lawful process, and one which must be taught, absorbed and followed to the law. A coach will guide you through the key components of that lawful process to optimize your chances of success.

We are as human beings perfect in our imperfections – and those imperfections can get in the way of our success. Without a coach, these imperfections can hold us back or block us from doing what we know we should do. A coach will hold you accountable and keep you moving towards your goal by identifying and rectifying those imperfections.

Consider a coach a symbol of your excellence and your commitment to attain the best in yourself and achieve the best in life that you can – and you can achieve extraordinary results in anything you do! It is just that most can’t do it on their own and don’t realize or admit to that.  ADMIT IT – YOU NEED HELP, and isn’t that FANTASTIC!!

There is no better way to ensure your success than to get a coach or mentor who knows how to get you there.

“A good coach will make his students see what they can be, rather than what they are.”  Ara Parasheghian

Both science and theology agree that human beings have unlimited potential –deep reservoirs of talent. There is not a psychologist or scientist in the world who can say what you are capable of – there are no limits. So don’t sell yourself short and “settle’ for less than you are capable of and deserve – find a coach to help you get there. Invest in yourself BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!

IT’S TIME – to turn your dreams into reality. Don’t do it alone – get a great coach. If you don’t, you are limiting your success.

And I can help!


Lessons Learned from Mr. Trump

March 6th, 2017

I’m sorry but I just can’t help comment on the antics of Mr. Donald Trump! Reality television has taken on a whole new meaning, and there are new and entertaining (and yes quite sad) developments every day at the White House!

I facilitate a very powerful, life altering Bob Proctor program called Thinking Into Results which consists of 12 lessons delivered by Bob on how to take control of your life through the use of your marvelous mind, and get the results you truly desire and deserve in life. It is based on the highly researched and proven concept that “we are what we think”, and is so empowering as it enables you to take total control of your life. Millions have changed their lives with this program.

Now back to Mr. Trump – he is OUT of control of his presidential life! He is truly a fascinating study of this material and I thought I would highlight both some positive and some negative aspects in my blog today.

First of all, and kudos to him, Mr. Trump has what all phenomenally successful people have – a dream or fantasy goal, a goal so exciting and inspiring that he imagines its attainment in detail every day, and develops that requisite burning desire for its achievement. It is a desire SO STRONG that it enables one to hold at bay all the negative “noise” one gets along the way. Mr. Trump had a burning desire to be President of the United States, and he achieved his goal despite A LOT of noise, including the fact that senior members of the Republican Party wanted him out!

So, a dream goal that is fully imagined in all of its glorious detail every day, and thereby internalized, develops into a very strong beacon to which your efforts are directed through thick and thin. Give Mr. Trump an “A” for that and we can all learn from it – set a dream goal and internalize it! It works, it truly works!!

Then we come to lessons on leadership. Over 100 years of research into the topic of effective leadership reveals some foundational and generally accepted attributes.

In the Thinking Into Results module on Leadership, Bob quotes Chris Haggerty with this thought provoking concept of leadership: “The goal of most leaders is to get the people to think highly of them as a leader; but the goal of the exceptional leader is to get the people to think highly of themselves.” Mr. Trump seems inordinately disposed to trying to impress everyone with his leadership magnificence, and he does not seem to be at all concerned about getting others to think highly of themselves. The focus is always on him. If leaders get work done through people, he is going to have a rough ride, and it seems to be evident right out of the gate.

An exceptional leader also has a wonderful and positive attitude – another attribute apparently lacking in Mr. Trump. Attitude is the composite of thoughts, feeling and actions, and when all three are lined up on the positive pole, its power is truly magical. Mr. Trump appears to be thinking negatively about many situations, and in particular people and their intentions, and these thoughts internalized create negative emotions which must get expressed with and through the body, e.g. his behavior. We continue to see examples of his negative behavior (e.g. accusing Mr. Obama this weekend of wire-tapping his offices which the FBI has already come and said it did not happen). Mr. Trump is unfortunately allowing his external circumstances control him, rather than being in control of himself. If he were thinking positively about his circumstances, and internalizing that into positive feelings, his behavior would be entirely different – it would be positive and productive.Instead he reacts to things around him rather than responding effectively. He can choose to interpret all that incoming information differently rather than react, but I am not sure he knows how.

The last comment I will make that we address in our program as well is on that of belief. While his dream goal got him to the Presidency, I wonder whether deep down Mr. Trump truly believes he has what it takes on many fronts to be an effective President, with the capability of addressing its multitude of challenges. And if his belief system (buried in the deep recesses of the sub conscious mind) is so compromised “he will never go beyond where he BELIEVES he can go.”

His efficacy as President of the United States may be severely limited. I hope not, truly I do – for his sake, for all the people working with him, and for our good friends and neighbors to the south.

But my is it entertaining!


Happy Valentine’s Day to ME!

February 11th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s a day that turns our attentions to matters of the heart – to love, to romance, to friends and family. The day gives us permission to express our heartfelt  wishes and desires, and an appreciation of love and friendship.

Have you ever taken the day to express your love of self? To show appreciation of all that you have been, are and can be? To really hug yourself and say thanks to yourself for all your hard work, passion, silliness, frailties, persistence, and dreams as yet untold?

It is a wonderful idea isn’t it?

Buddha said “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Lucille Ball said “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

And Oscar Wilde said “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

There has been so much researched and written over the last 100 years about how vitally important it is to love and appreciate yourself, and how this love guides the results you get in life – be that in relationships, health or career. And yet, true love of self seems to be last on the list of priorities for many.

In his outstanding book, “Psycho-Cybernetics”, Dr. Maxwell Maltz says this: “To really “live”, you must have an adequate and realistic self-image that you can live with. You must find your self acceptable to you. …You must have a self that you can trust and believe in. You must have a self that you are not ashamed to “be”, and one that you can feel free to express creatively rather than hide or cover up.”

Embracing the fullness of you allows for happiness, success and peace of mind. For each of us is, at our core, PERFECT. As Bob Proctor reminds us, “Our spiritual DNA is perfect.” So why not only embrace that wonderful you but allow it to express itself fully? In doing so, you are signing up for a lifelong and glorious journey!

Maltz goes on to say “When we experience expansive emotions of happiness, self-confidence, and success, we enjoy more life. And to the degree that we inhibit our abilities, frustrate our God-given talents, and allow ourselves to suffer anxiety, fear, self-condemnation, and self-hate, we literally choke off the life force available to us and turn our backs on the gift which our Creator has made.”


Why is this such an important lesson for us all? Because our self-image sets the boundaries of our accomplishments. If we have a limited self-image, our results in life are limited. If we have a negative self-image, our results are negative. It is truly that simple. Bob Proctor further teaches that “the opinion you have yourself will always be reflected to the world around you and it will be manifest in the results that you achieve in life.” Importantly he says, “that it is an opinion – yours – and you can change your opinion at any time.”

Isn’t that wonderful news, and indeed liberating?

WE CAN CHANGE OUR OPINION OF OURSELVES – WE CAN CHANGE OUR SELF-IMAGE! What a fantastic realization!!! The great psychologist William James stated that the greatest discovery of his generation was that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

YOU ARE A GIFT!! Embrace your gift that is YOU. Fall in love with you. Kiss yourself and hug yourself, and embrace all that you have been, are, and can be. Change your opinion of yourself to acknowledge and embrace the greatness within. Affirm in your mind that you are truly a wonderful, gifted and talented human being! Affirm it again and again and again!

And look in the mirror this Valentine’s Day, and say “Happy Valentine’s Day to Me! Will you be my Valentine?” And with everything in your heart and soul, say YES!!


Achieved your GOALS yet?! What GOALS you say?

January 24th, 2017

Well, it is over 3 weeks into the new year, into 2017. Progressing towards those goals you set? Are you starting to lose interest in those new year’s resolutions already? Have you already tossed them aside? Did you even set a goal, and if you did, did you write it down?

Lots of questions – but I am wondering how many people are truly trying to achieve huge results and really setting out to make 2017 the best year ever – the breakthrough year where you start to realize those dreams, and to get the results you so richly deserve.

Are you?

The funny thing is that most people don’t take goal achieving seriously, merely because they have never been taught how. GOAL SETTING is an intellectual exercise – many of us go through the mental maneuverings of “sort of” setting a goal or two, and then bail when the going gets tough or when we just get bored. So that’s the first problem. In this mental exercise of goal determination, we are not setting the right type of goal in the first place.

Are you setting a goal that excites you, that inspires you?  Are you setting a dream or fantasy goal, and trying to achieve something you have never done before? Does your goal excite you and scare you at the same time?

The answers to all of these questions should be an emphatic YES!

All the research on what makes highly successful people successful – on the science and mechanics of personal achievement – shows that ALL highly successful people have set BIG STRETCH dream goals that really excite them, that they internalize and get more and more emotionally involved with and then build a burning desire towards, and that yes even scares them. And over 80% of those good folks have them written down! POWERFUL!

So should we all! That is IF we truly want to make 2017 a phenomenal year of growth and achievement. And BOY DO I! I don’t want to settle for anything less that I am and can be, and I don’t want you to either! As Bob Proctor reminds us “Your life is important and, at its best life is short. You have the potential to do anything you choose, and to do it well.”

The second issue is that GOAL ACHIEVEMENT isn’t merely a mundane exercise but rather a lawful process. A purposeful system is required to truly stay on course, on purpose, and be able to fend off the ever present “noise” that we all encounter on the journey towards our goal. But when you understand the process, and embrace the tools that help you towards your goal – YOU WILL ACHIEVE and 2017 WILL BE THAT PHENOMENAL YEAR!!!

And do you know what? As long as you are progressively moving towards that inspiring goal that you have deemed worthy of all that you are and can be – THAT IS TRULY SUCCESS!