I’m sorry but I just can’t help comment on the antics of Mr. Donald Trump! Reality television has taken on a whole new meaning, and there are new and entertaining (and yes quite sad) developments every day at the White House!

I facilitate a very powerful, life altering Bob Proctor program called Thinking Into Results which consists of 12 lessons delivered by Bob on how to take control of your life through the use of your marvelous mind, and get the results you truly desire and deserve in life. It is based on the highly researched and proven concept that “we are what we think”, and is so empowering as it enables you to take total control of your life. Millions have changed their lives with this program.

Now back to Mr. Trump – he is OUT of control of his presidential life! He is truly a fascinating study of this material and I thought I would highlight both some positive and some negative aspects in my blog today.

First of all, and kudos to him, Mr. Trump has what all phenomenally successful people have – a dream or fantasy goal, a goal so exciting and inspiring that he imagines its attainment in detail every day, and develops that requisite burning desire for its achievement. It is a desire SO STRONG that it enables one to hold at bay all the negative “noise” one gets along the way. Mr. Trump had a burning desire to be President of the United States, and he achieved his goal despite A LOT of noise, including the fact that senior members of the Republican Party wanted him out!

So, a dream goal that is fully imagined in all of its glorious detail every day, and thereby internalized, develops into a very strong beacon to which your efforts are directed through thick and thin. Give Mr. Trump an “A” for that and we can all learn from it – set a dream goal and internalize it! It works, it truly works!!

Then we come to lessons on leadership. Over 100 years of research into the topic of effective leadership reveals some foundational and generally accepted attributes.

In the Thinking Into Results module on Leadership, Bob quotes Chris Haggerty with this thought provoking concept of leadership: “The goal of most leaders is to get the people to think highly of them as a leader; but the goal of the exceptional leader is to get the people to think highly of themselves.” Mr. Trump seems inordinately disposed to trying to impress everyone with his leadership magnificence, and he does not seem to be at all concerned about getting others to think highly of themselves. The focus is always on him. If leaders get work done through people, he is going to have a rough ride, and it seems to be evident right out of the gate.

An exceptional leader also has a wonderful and positive attitude – another attribute apparently lacking in Mr. Trump. Attitude is the composite of thoughts, feeling and actions, and when all three are lined up on the positive pole, its power is truly magical. Mr. Trump appears to be thinking negatively about many situations, and in particular people and their intentions, and these thoughts internalized create negative emotions which must get expressed with and through the body, e.g. his behavior. We continue to see examples of his negative behavior (e.g. accusing Mr. Obama this weekend of wire-tapping his offices which the FBI has already come and said it did not happen). Mr. Trump is unfortunately allowing his external circumstances control him, rather than being in control of himself. If he were thinking positively about his circumstances, and internalizing that into positive feelings, his behavior would be entirely different – it would be positive and productive.Instead he reacts to things around him rather than responding effectively. He can choose to interpret all that incoming information differently rather than react, but I am not sure he knows how.

The last comment I will make that we address in our program as well is on that of belief. While his dream goal got him to the Presidency, I wonder whether deep down Mr. Trump truly believes he has what it takes on many fronts to be an effective President, with the capability of addressing its multitude of challenges. And if his belief system (buried in the deep recesses of the sub conscious mind) is so compromised “he will never go beyond where he BELIEVES he can go.”

His efficacy as President of the United States may be severely limited. I hope not, truly I do – for his sake, for all the people working with him, and for our good friends and neighbors to the south.

But my is it entertaining!