Why have a Coach?

Coaching is a collaborative process that significantly enhances the achievements of individuals, helping the individual get the best performance out of themselves – the potential for which was already there.

A Coach is a catalyst for the individual’s learning, accelerating their time to success by providing

  • clarification on the learning system applied
  • structure that enables the individual towards optimal learning
  • guidance on how to optimize learning and achievement
  • motivation and inspiration
  • accountability

In order to get the results you desire, no matter in what area of your life, you must change what is going on inside you – you must change your paradigms. By their very nature, paradigms are embedded in the deep recesses of our sub-conscious mind and are typically very strong. Paradigms are very hard to change, and yet change them you must in order to make the break throughs required to lead the life you desire.

Changing your paradigms requires a proven system, and Thinking Into Results is second to none. It also requires elite level coaching – a key value-add of this program. We coach you every step of the way – we are your accountability partner to ensure that you get everything possible out of his program so that you will ABSOLUTELY experience unprecedented success!


Why Sandy as your Coach?

Sandy is the best choice to guide your journey through the Thinking Into Results program. Her career journey, every step of the way, has developed the requisite skills to provide the hands-on guidance required to get the best out of this program and out of participants. The following life experiences highlight her abilities as a Coach:

  • She was a highly sought after Physiotherapist, known for her passion for people and her ability to motivate and get the best out of her patients, while making the experience fun at the same time
  • She has lead teams of people in each leg of her career as she embraced leadership roles wherever she worked
  • She facilitated programs and seminars with large groups within companies, and with company executives, and is a very effective presenter
  • She is an entrepreneur and has experience growing businesses and addressing the challenges of the small business owner (both in traditional business and in network marketing)
  • She has years of experience conducting webinars
  • She has enjoyed a life long journey of working with people – every aspect of her career involved managing relationships

As a Coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute Sandy is now back in her “sweet spot” that she enjoyed as a Physio, connecting with people, guiding and motivating them to get phenomenal results, and has years of highly relevant experiences upon which to draw. You will absolutely achieve unprecedented success working with Sandy.